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Julie Asselin design

With more than three decades of experience in the interior design and fashion industry, Julie Asselin is one of Quebec's most prominent interior designers. Thanks to her insatiable passion for design, since her childhood, Julie has reinvented the atmospheres and decorations entrusted to her. She understands the rules that govern interior design and knows how to exploit, circumvent and sometimes break them to get the desired decor. Julie Asselin's style is constantly evolving. It's a subtle blend of reinvented classicism, pure lines and clarity, warmth and sumptuous opulence.

Thanks to her photographic eye, she manages to quickly solve decorating problems and to obtain a clear vision of the design of a room in the making. Julie Asselin has put her signature on dozens of residences and yachts throughout the Americas. Julie is an avid designer, with a rich portfolio of clients in cities across North America and the Caribbean. Over the course of her career, Julie Asselin also founded the magazine “Recevoir”, for which she was editor and stylist for 10 years.

Julie's career has been extended to television for a few years. She has been animating for 4 years “Everything beautifies with Julie”, her design show on Vtele. With its authenticity, its sense of style and its instinct for creating atmosphere, the enthusiasm of the public does not fade as Julie joins each week more than 200,000 viewers.

"Beauty is pleasing to the eyes and to the soul." Julie

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