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Chic, the picnic!

“In love, with family or friends, nothing is more enjoyable than a meal outdoors! Here is a countryside atmosphere inspired by the bright red of ripe strawberries, to which I matched soft green and white. Come on, vacation goes by so fast, let’s enjoy the summer!”

Julie Asselin / CHEZ SOI / n.339 / 123
magazine CHEZ SOI / n.339 / 123

The season of idleness

Convivial, without fuss, the picnic has always been awesome. Between the childhood memories of this casual meal where you could leave the table to play ball, the snacks at the campsite, the smell of the barbecue and the first romantic picnic, the outdoormeals are magical. A beautiful Saturday in July brings lunch to the most beautiful view of the garden or finds a green area or a piece of beach to invite friends to celebrate with you. For a picnic as attractive to the eyes as to the stomach bet on fresh strawberries: they will color the menu and perfume the atmosphere!

"At the cottage or in a public park, simple or elaborate, the picnic appeals to young and old, especially when the setting is refined by a combination of rustic textures, mouth-watering seasonal fruits and field flowers. For a romantic moment, rent a boat or pedal boat and escape for a meal on the water."

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