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The slunch

"Or the art of stretching a beautiful Sunday afternoon."

Julie Asselin  / CHEZ SOI / n.346 / 107
magazine CHEZ SOI / n.346 / 107

The what? Oh yes, a new word, or even the latest snob trend: the slunch! Contraction of “supper” and “lunch”, sometimes called “drunch”, the slunch is the latest fashion in New York: a friendly formula that moves the brunch in the middle of the afternoon and is also a miraculous cure against Sunday moroseness. The slunch has gained followers since it fits perfectly into the busy schedule of younger generations, lends itself to original gastronomic experiences and it requires a casual dress code while encouraging idleness. To host without stress a classic meal, this Sunday, we “slunch”!

“A nice hybrid between lunch and dinner on Sunday, late-morning get-ups, the slunch is becoming more and more popular. In a fun and gourmet way invite family and friends to an informal party around board games.”

If red tulips create a festive atmosphere, scrabble tokens soon arouse the curiosity of guests. The establishment is full of natural materials, with pretty wooden service pieces and linen tablecloth. White china crockery and some touches of bright red complete this simple and authentic decor.

Emblematic of spring, the tulip brings a touch of bright color and freshness to the table. Liane Dubuc, from Fleurs & Distinction, recommends keeping the leaves and cutting the stems of the tulips before sliding them into a vase filled with cold water. For a more contemporary look, the florist has placed the flowers in the vases while respecting their natural curvature.

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